THURsDAY AFTERNOONS - 1.30pm onwards

Come in and play - everyone welcome, from beginners upwards.

MONDAY NIGHTS - 6pm onwards

Fancy giving it a try? All levels of from beginners, improvers and league players most welcome.

Adults £2. Under 16's - £1 (Must be accompanied by an adult) Bats available.

We all need something that's good for us and Table Tennis truly is:

Renowned physician, psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr Daniel Amen, says:
'You still may think that calling table tennis a sport is silly, but I think it is the best brain sport ever. It is highly aerobic, uses both the upper and lower body, is great for eye hand coordination and reflexes, and causes you to use many different areas of the brain at once as you are tracking the ball, planning shots and strategies, and figuring out spins. It is like aerobic chess. Plus, table tennis causes very few head injuries. Table tennis is the second most popular organised sport in the world. What is even more impressive is that it is the youngest of the world’s major sports. At the competitive level, players hit the ball in excess of 90 miles per hour across the table!' 

Any questions please email:

Lostwithiel Table Tennis Club welcomes all people who want to come and play 


Our focus is on enjoyment and not necessarily competition, although we do have good challenging matches amongst the mix and lots of spirited rallies!

We have recently bought two top quality tables - making three in all and there are bats and balls a plenty to borrow.

We charge £2 a session


The aims and objectives of the club are to offer table tennis as a social activity improving health and well being. Our ambition is to promote the club within the community, to provide activities in a way that is fair to everyone and ensure a duty of care to all members and visitors to the club.


"Thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to the world of table tennis. I was made to feel welcome and even though I'm a complete beginner was not made to feel that way. I was so taken with the afternoon I went out 
and bought myself a bat that afternoon!!!!!"  

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, although hadn't quite expected the wealth of high standard players

Lostwithiel Table Tennis Club is an Associate member
of Table Tennis England